Teacher’s Day DIY Chocolate Flower Bouquet

On Monday, missy told me that her school is celebrating Teacher’s Day (Teacher’s Appreciation Day) this Thursday which is today.  It was quite last minute and we did not have time to go out and buy any gifts.  So I decided to make chocolate flower bouquets for 10 of her teachers.

I purchased the Ferrero Rocher chocolates from Guardian Pharmacy near my house on Tuesday and went to work right away.

I made small bouquets consisting of 3 chocolates each.   I used doily papers in different hues and satay skewers for the craft.

Firstly, I slide the skewer into the paper doily and then the chocolate.  Next, grab a small part of the paper doily and fold it in so that it looks a flower bud shape.  Tape that part with cellophane tape.

This is how the finished craft looks like.  3 flowers in a bunch. Then tape the skewers together using cellophane tape.

Lastly, I used kraft paper to wrap the bouquets.

Tadaa…  all the 10 bouquets for Teacher’s Day or Teacher’s Appreciation Day.  I did not use the brown paper doily as I find it a bit too dark.  I managed to find some pink paper doilies and use that instead.  Check out a similar one I did here.

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