We All Need Some Cheering Up Sometimes

When I was in the hospital a few months ago due to dengue,  a friend of mine sent me a bouquet of gerberas.  It was a lovely bunch of flowers in sweet pink.  I was surprised to receive the bouquet and it cheered me up instantly because I was feeling down because of the fever and body aches.

Nothing says “I love you” or “I am thinking of you” quite like a bunch of flowers.   Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or some other special occasion, freshly cut flowers are always a hit. They are also a wonderful way to express sympathy in times of sorrow.  Whether you give a solitary long-stemmed rose or a bouquet, you will remind the recipient that you were thinking about him or her.

Not only women love receiving flowers, but men also.  They know that flowers are the perfect way to show affection and they often give bouquets to the women in their lives. However, many men appreciate being on the receiving end of flowers well.

Many people are unsure of what type of flower is appropriate for each occasion. For example, one might wonder if he or she is sending the wrong message with a red rose or if a sunflower would be better.

Whether you choose to purchase flowers from a florist such as Farm Florist or from your neighborhood grocery store,  it is good to take into consideration the symbolism of the variety and colour.   Almost any type of flower is appropriate but you can make it even more special by considering the personal taste, decor and the occasion.

Here are some flowers and what they symbolize for guidance:

  • Pink carnation – gratitude
  • White carnation – remembrance
  • Red chrysanthemum – sharing
  • Forget-me-not – remember me forever
  • Daffodil – truth and forgiveness
  • Gardenia – joy
  • Geranium – comfort
  • Jasmine – grace and elegance
  • Yellow rose – friendship

I have a friend who sends herself flowers sometimes for no reason at all.  No harm having some self-love eh?

Another unique gift to send is a succulent arrangement.  They are great gifts for our loved ones and friends who have a passion for gardening but not necessarily have the space for a garden or special occasions such as housewarmings, birthdays, office, thinking of you, holidays, and so much more.

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