Our DIY Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween Peeps! The time has come for me to DIY another costume for missy. She was actually quite reluctant to be my model. Well, you know how teens are. After bugging her a few times, she agreed to be my model. I do have a backup though and that is my hubby who is more than willing to be my model but I think my DIY costume would fit missy more.

Tadaa……. here is this year’s DIY Halloween Costume.  Can you guess what it is?

It’s missy’s favourite drink – Boba Tea!    I thought of the idea a few weeks ago and was actually looking around for material for this Halloween costume.  She does not have any brown outfit and I wanted to use cardboards but I could not find any.  I was going to call it off until an idea came up.  I could use my favourite kraft paper and stick some black round papers onto it to look like boba.  I cut out the black round paper from a black paper bag.   I used a roll-up cardboard as straw.

This costume can only be used for a while, like photo-taking.  This is because the kraft paper is too thin to withstand any walking around.  If you plan to make this costume for next year, I suggest that you use a cardboard as a cup instead.

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