Do You Wash Your Groceries During Covid19?

Shopping has been pretty stressful these days as the coronavirus is thought to also live on surfaces including food packaging for several days.  So every time when I come back from the market or when hubs is back from the supermarket, I would do a wipe down on the boxes and plastic bags.  I would also wipe the grocery bag and hang it out in the sun for a few hours.  Pretty extreme eh?

According to some expert advice which I read online, there is no evidence that transmission is happening through food packaging.  As we know the virus can remain on surfaces for hours or days,  there is a risk of transmission through touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth,.  Therefore, it is better that we just remember to wash our hands.

Though there are many cleaning products out there that claim to be able to kill the virus, it is not advisable to have them come into contact with food as these chemicals are designed for use on hard surfaces and not disinfecting groceries.

Below are 2 articles on whether there is a need to disinfect and wash your grocery.

Mingguan Wanita

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