Manga UT Demon Slayer T Shirt From Uniqlo

This is Part 2 of the Manga UT Demon Slayer T Shirt from Uniqlo story. I blogged about it earlier here.  So yesterday which is Day 2 since Uniqlo launched the Manga UT Demon Slayer T Shirt in Malaysia, we decided to call and check all the Uniqlo locations in KL/PJ if they still have the t-shirts.  All of them are sold out except for Uniqlo in One Utama!  However, they only have black and navy designs.  We decided to get another one for missy since the white t-shirt that I ordered from Uniqlo online would take a week or so for them to prepare and get it ready to be picked up from their store in Mid Valley. 

Hubs went to One Utama and got this in Size S for her.

Missy was surprised that we got this for her and she said we shouldn’t have spend the money as we already got her the white one. We know how much she likes Demon Slayer and we would like to reward her for she did well in her mid-term exam.   The t-shirt has been washed and is now being dried under the sun today so that she can wear it tomorrow to school. Her school allows students to wear casual every Tuesday and Thursday.

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