DIY Chinese New Year Wreath For 2023

I try to make my own Chinese New Year wreath every year after seeing how expensive these wreaths are selling from the shops or online. This year I did not have the inspiration to do any until like 2 weeks ago after seeing some being sold in Mid Valley Mall (over RM200 each). I went to check out a shop in Sri Petaling that sells Chinese New Year decor items without any wreath designs in mind and got myself some plastic leaves and orchids spray-painted in gold. I also got some red berries and a red Chinese knot. When I got home, I was contemplating if I should use a weave basket or a wreath as a base and decided on the latter.

The Before.

Tada…the After. Actually I didn’t have to use any glue for this wreath. I just stuck all the items around the wreath. I also added the plastic gold fan thingy to give it a bit of balance. So this year, my DIY Chinese New wreath does not contain any peonies and it is all gold and red.

Want to know what I did previously? Here are my DIY Chinese New Year for 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022. I skipped doing the wreath in 2020 because I wasn’t in the mood but I did decorate my bamboo plants.

Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone! May The New Year Brings You & Your Family Great Health, Prosperity And Happiness!

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