christmas party

We attended a belated Christmas party at Annie’s last night.  We had loads of fun chatting and eating.  Elaine and family were there too.  Annie’s husband was busy at the barbecue whipping up the awesome barbecued pork ribs, satays, sausages and chicken wings.  The ribs were good…even better than Tony Roma’s 😉   I was so full that my tummy was in pain 🙁  greedy,  greedy, greedy!  While the parents were busy eating, the kids were having lots of fun with each other in the play room and living area.  Here are some pics taken last nite.  Sorry, no pics of the good food cos I was too busy eating 😀


The bbq party


The Christmas Tree surrounded with presents


The adults gathering round the Christmas tree to exchange pressies


Ashley with her pressies from Aunty Annie, Aunty Elaine, Mommy & Daddy


There was a surprised birthday celebration for Elaine and another friend

Thanks Annie for having us over again.  It was a great party 😀

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12 Responses to christmas party

  1. Ann says:

    BBQ RULES !!! 🙂 Glad you had a great party to go to!

  2. 2ma says:

    wow, so many ppl, and so many presents!

  3. Looks like everyone enjoyed the food and pressies. Wishing you and your family an awesome New Year 2010.

  4. eugene says:

    i can safely say it must be a joyous party, just looking at the pics, i can tell……..

    take care now

  5. Blur Mama says:

    wah wah…check out the party!! eh, pls call me next yr k…u know my number hehhehehe

  6. claire says:

    really AnnieQ,such a good cook… always cooking for many… too bad i m not staying in KL… 🙂

  7. mummy gwen says:

    I can tell it was a great party by looking at the pics. 🙂 Yay..Ashley has pressies too..hehe.

  8. Annie Q says:

    thanks for coming to the party to make it more merrier and thank you very much for the lovely gifts for my boys and myself!!

  9. Boey Joey says:

    Great party there; what a great host Annie is 🙂 Reading your descriptions of the food, I’m salivating now 🙂

  10. MK mummy says:

    sound like a great party there. Am sure Ahsley loves all those pressie . 🙂

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