My Little Succers

I am so into succulents right now.  More like obsessed with them.  I have always love succulents but they had been dying on me.  Yes, I don’t have a green thumb but my mom has so I am going to leave the tending to her.  I will just look at them and not touch anything.

Recently there is a little stall at the market which sells lots of potted plants as well as succulents.  So happy to see them and I could not resist buying the little succers.


Some of the succulents from the market


Aren’t they cute?  They are RM10 for 3 little ones and RM10 – RM15 for the big ones.


I bought 3 of them.  I got the little metal pot from Daiso and hubs bought the little dinosaurs to decorate my little succers.  He said they look better with the dinos.


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