White Water Rafting In Gopeng

It’s the mid-term school break and we had the most enjoying and thrilling adventure.  We went White Water Rafting in Gopeng and caving in Gua Kandu. My bestie suggested that we go on a different kind of holiday with our families so we booked our 2 days 1 night stay at Gopeng Rainforest Resort and chose a package that includes White Water Rafting and Night Walk.

We reached the resort before noon on Saturday and had a simple and tasty lunch.  The Gopeng Rainforest Resort is a simple setup with chalets and dormitory style rooms.  It is very clean and the rooms are equipped with fans and bathrooms. It is very cooling at night and we slept with the windows opened. Definitely the place to go if you want to enjoy a back-to-nature time.  After every meal, we got to wash our own dishes and cups.  The owners, David and Janice are very nice and we chatted on many topics. They also shared many interesting stories with us.  They are wonderful hosts.  You may contact them here – http://gopengrainforest.com/  Tel : + (60) 12 5168 200  / + (60) 12 5107 555

wwr3One of the chalets in Gopeng Rainforest Resort


The girls doing the dishes after lunchwwr2

A German group from Penang also checked into the resort at the same time as us and we made some new friends.  Here are the girls playing a round of foot ball and frisbee with them.

An hour or so after lunch, we made our way to Riverbug, the White Water Rafting specialist which is only about 50 meters away from the resort.  Once we reached, we selected the safety vests and helmets and put them on.  Then we were given a safety briefing by the guide who showed us what to do in case the raft flip over or we got thrown into the river *scary*.


This is us getting ready to go down the river.


Hubs, missy and I were in one raft, while my besties and their daughters are in another raft. Our German friends went in 2 rafts so altogether there were 4 rafts in Kampar river that afternoon.  We went through 14 rapids in the cooling river.  Our professional river guide was very skilful and funny.  He also pointed out to us the bugs and toad we saw along the way.  We highly recommend Riverbug Asia –  https://riverbug.asia/perak/.

Never in my life that I would imagine going for white water rafting.  I was praying all the way, gulped lots of water and my hand held tight to the rope on the raft.  I must say that I am glad I went for it.  I am grateful that my friends and my husband encouraged me to give it a try.

Sometimes we just have to step out of our comfort zone and do something that we have not done before.  At least now I can tell my grandkids next time that I have done white water rafting *chuckle*.   We are planning another trip at the end of this year again.  I am still thinking if I should join them on the raft or not.  It’s the monsoon season which means the rapids are bigger and the ride will be wilder.  Helppppp!

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