To market to market to buy a fake-y croc-ky

Finally…I have succumbed to it. I have bought a pair of cheesy-looking fake crocs for Ashley. We went to the market on Sunday and while looking around the stalls, I saw these shoes which have Ashley’s size. I have been looking for this brand because it did not have the word As*di right smack in the middle. Yes, eventhough they are fake, they have to look real šŸ˜€ It costs RM9.00. I did haggle with the fella but he kept saying it’s the lowest price, other stalls are selling RM10.00, etc. I guess he could tell that I really want to buy it even if he doesn’t reduce the price šŸ™‚ After checking the shoes inside out, I quickly paid him because Ashley was starting to throw the other shoes he has on display and hubby was sweating like crazy.

Alright, I confess that I have actually bought a pair of original Crocs for Ashley in January. Yes, this kiasu mommy bought her shoes eventhough she didn’t know how to walk then. It was the smallest size and yet it is still too big for Ashley’s feet. I think I need to wait another year before it will fit her. Have been seeing children walking around in these colourful shoes that I cannot wait anymore.

As soon as we got home, we put on the shoes for Ashley and she loves it! She didn’t want to take them off when she took her nap too šŸ™‚ We went for a walk today and she would point her shoes to everyone she meets. What a show-off huh?

Well, may go to the market again this Sunday to check out the other colours (rubbing hands).

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10 Responses to To market to market to buy a fake-y croc-ky

  1. mika's mummy says:

    worth buying…n hurry, go find other colours! Ashley can match her outfits n shows off when she goes ‘kai kai’! Hmm…I WANT to get one more for Mika too! Check it out for me(please la!!) thks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ayo u oso another one falling into this croc craze..i for one cannot tahan lor..solly!

  3. Julian says:

    Eh quite nice what. If me I’d buy the RM9 than the RM100+.

  4. Anonymous says:

    But u must be careful lo.The other day my SIL told me,she read from newspaper saying that those fake Croc,it’s a bit slippery,not so good quality!I also think of buying for my sons too..heehee..Ya,the original brand dont have such a small size for our kids yet.I think the most is 2 years old and above.

  5. sweetpea says:

    a HK friend got one for Aidan when we were back in Ipoh. Aidan loved wearing it, but the black buttons on the side gave him very bad blisters. So, be careful, and guess what I did with it?? Ask W.Peng!

  6. Mommy to Chumsy says:

    Mika’s mummy – Let me know what size Mika wears. Just measure the length of his feet. The sizes of these fakes are not the same as the originals šŸ™‚

    Laundryamah & Julian – Hehehe…you either like it or you don’t.

    Annie q – Thanks for the warning. I find that Ashley is a bit clumsy when she wears them. Hmmm..maybe better not get another one.

    Sweetpea – Ok, will keep a look out. Tks. I’ll check with WP šŸ˜€

  7. Jo says:

    guess the crocs is her fav shoe now instead of the butterfly šŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous says:

    i went gila looking for this shoes for jayden in carrefour. The smallest one!! SO CUTE!! but when i manage to find chan ask, you think he can wear ka? ..slowly put back.. so potong stim wan.

  9. Anonymous says:

    haha.. believe it or not; i bought the SAME colour for oscar from ASADI.. haha no original la… save $$$ for nike.. m nike kaki la.. haha…

  10. Mommy to Chumsy says:

    Sasha – Eh, can always buy first and then keep until Jayden can walk šŸ˜€ Me like to buy things first and keep šŸ™‚

    Oscar’s Mummy – I also like Nike stuff la. The shoes for girls are also very nice but not cheap. Afraid to buy cos their feet grow real fast šŸ™ For the time being, wear fake shoes la.

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