What a drama queen!

Lately Ashley has not been on her best behaviour. Cranky and short tempered. If she can’t have the things she want, she would start screaming and crying.
Normally when we are at the mall, my hubby would push Ashley in the stroller and go to his favourite shops (computer games, hi-fi, etc) while I look around in my favourite shops 😀 If Ashley does not see me, she would sit quietly in the stroller. However, if she does, all hell breaks lose. She would start whining, crying and want to come down.
We went to the Curve over the weekend. Ashley slept for about 40 minutes in her stroller and when she woke up, cranky again as she would normally have about 1 and 1/2 hour sleep during that time. We quickly went to the Dome for dinner and put Ashley on the highchair. She began to scream and cry. The patrons of the restaurant started giving us stares so I quickly took her out for a walk. She was fine for a while until I took her back to the restaurant as I was really hungry. After a bit of crying and whining, she quiet down and I began to feed her.
I ordered a creamy mushroom pasta and when Ashley saw my food, she wanted to eat mine. Whining started again. I gave her some of the pasta and in between, gave the porridge to her. She didn’t want to eat her food and insisted on mine. Luckily there wasn’t much porridge left. After a while, the crying started. I was so mad that I asked my hubby to take her for a walk so that I could continue my dinner. Hubby had to drag her away as she only want me to take her for a walk. I could hear her screaming all the way towards the Cineleisure (slap head). I just gobbled everything on my plate and finished the Ice Mocha as quickly as possible, half worrying that Ashley would throw up from all that screaming since she just had her dinner. She was ok after that and back to her old self. Now I really dread feeding her at the mall.
I didn’t take any photos of her being a drama queen because I was also going bonkers. I hope this is just a phase and she will grow out of it soon. Ashley oh Ashley!

3 thoughts on “What a drama queen!

  1. I’m sure u were out of your wits. I would to. After being parents we don’t have the luxury to eat our food quietly and slowly, huh? 😛

  2. laundryamah: i also wonder about this la. what happened to “girls are like sugar and spice, and everything nice”? mine is like a monsta!

    vien: you are right! Now I look at couples enjoying their food with envy 🙂

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