The First Party (Dinner) Dress

This is my first post for 2007 😀 Happy New Year to all! Been lazy lately and only put up two posts in December.
I have been looking around for a dress for Ashley to wear at her uncle’s wedding dinner. The wedding was on 22nd December, 2006 so this post is a bit overdue 😀 I have looked around in the shops which sell party dresses but they are rather expensive. I know Ashley would probably only wear it once or twice so I didn’t want to buy an expensive dress.

Luckily, I stumbled upon this dress in Royel, Ampang Point.

This dress is just perfect for the wedding dinner. You are not going to believe how much this dress cost. RM10.00. Yes, it’s that freaking cheap! Can’t believe my eyes when I first saw it. There were at least 20 pieces of this dress at Royel with different sizes. At first, I thought there would be some defects on them because of the price so I checked it very carefully. To my surprised, there was none 🙂 I would have bought a few more but all the dresses are in this same burgundy colour. Needless to say, I was one happy camper that day!

Ashley looked cute in this dress. Will upload some photos taken at the wedding dinner when I get them from my BIL.

10 thoughts on “The First Party (Dinner) Dress

  1. wow!Nice dress!Is it velvet type?Cant believe it only RM10..hahaha..And it doesnt look like only RM10, it like RM50-RM60..

  2. WAH! SURE it’s 10 ar???? SO CHEAP, but looks very classy…. nice nice nice…. i osso want for rachel…. hahaha
    i agree with annie, looks at least RM50-ish….. NICE!

  3. annie – yeah, this dress is velvet on the top and satin-like at the bottom. It does look like it cost rm50, doesn’t it? 😀

    shannon – thanks. eh, if i still see it next time i’m there, will get one for cutie rachel, ok? must get a bigger one so you can keep till she’s older 😀

    oscar’s mummy – i also cannot believe my eyes when i first saw it. hehehehe, lucky us, can save some $$$.

  4. desperate mummy:- better go fast, fast and check it out 😀

    julian:- dunno what we can actually buy for rm10 nowadays so getting this dress is a real deal 😀

    laundryamah:- i guess maroon is a christmas colour. kylie must look very pretty all dressed up during christmas eh?

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