My Diet

After seeing how big I looked in some of the recent photos, I have decided to go on a diet. I’ve tried Atkins Diet before but it’s not working for me lately. So, I started my own diet plan. My husband also joined me as he also wants to lose some extra weight šŸ˜€ This is what I have for lunch everyday –

Sometimes I replace the sausages with a slice of chicken ham. Breakfast will be a cup of coffee. This is what I have for dinner –

This is vege soup which I cook with lettuce, inoki mushrooms and beancurd. Sometimes I would eat a salad instead.

This is the salad I got from KFC…..not exactly healthy because of the popcorn chicken. However, I’ve only eaten this once šŸ˜€ When I’m hungry, I’ll snack on fruits or raisins. I have started this diet about 2 weeks ago and so far I have lost 2kg. I’m pretty happy with the results and so is my husband (I mean he is happy with the weight HE has lost). I could see that his tummy is not so big anymore. Once in a while I’ll ask him if he sees any difference in me and he’ll say I still look the same. Men!!! I probably dyed my hair green and he would still not notice it.

I still need to lose about 2 kg in order to go back to my pre-Ashley days šŸ˜€ I can fit into my jeans but it’s quite tight around the tummy. Hope I’ll be able to lose the kangaroo pouch soon. On the other hand, what would happen to all the clothes I’ve got for the past 2 years?
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