Pizzas For Valentine’s Dinner ;)

From the title of this post, you can guess already what we had earlier tonight 😉  Recently, a new eatery has opened in our neighbourhood.  It’s called Pinos and has a tagline – “Bringing Italy to You!”.  Yes, it is all about Italian food – PIZZA.  I heard that the owner/chef is Italian and so are some of his staff.  They take turns to whip up the pizzas which are simply marvellous.  They are using a coffeeshop for their pizza business.  By day, this coffeeshop sells “chap fan” 😀  If you are familiar with Steven’s Corner, then looking for this coffeeshop is real easy because they are on the same row.

This is how the shop looks like at night. You can never miss the big posters with Italian flag colours.

Our plate of Special Pizza which comes with seafood and chicken ham. Mmmmmmm…delicious!!

Chicken Calzone stuffed with oysters and lots of cheese.  Yummy!!

I wanted to snap a pic of the chef making the pizza but was afraid that he doesn’t like it.  Maybe next time 🙂 We find that their food is really out of this world and it is not something you would find at the normal Italian restaurant. One bite and I can feel myself drifting into paradise 😀 Yes, the food is that good!  Dining at Pinos is more like a mamak stall atmosphere 🙂  Since today is Valentine’s Day, we treat this as our Valentine’s dinner under the moon & stars.  We sat outside the shop, just like a mamak place 🙂  They are open from 7pm to 1am.  I almost forgot – The price of our meal – rm32.  Cheap?

19 thoughts on “Pizzas For Valentine’s Dinner ;)

  1. thanks for sharing…nice and yummy and price is ok wot. Not bad. Will definitely check it out one day, before I “bomb” cos once bombing happens, ‘kai hau’ for 100 days *shudders*

    hey, when you drop by, let me know, ok? even after the bombing, can still come…just a little later 😉

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