Our Fav Fried Goodies

Hubs and I can never resist these whenever we go back to Ipoh.  Do you know what are they?

They are fried beancurd (fu pei) which is made from beancurd skin and turnip.  Sinful!! I have looked for them in KL but sadly, can’t find them here.  Well, I guess this type of fu pei is only available in the Land of Good Food 😀  They can be eaten just like that or with noodles.

Ashley enjoying her fu pei 😀  We bought them from a noodle stall beside Kong Hing (old town) and then went to another coffeeshop to eat.  Kong Hing was packed that day so we didn’t get to eat there during our trip back to Ipoh.  It was a blessing too because we ate something really delicious that day.  Will blog about it later 😉

18 thoughts on “Our Fav Fried Goodies

  1. by looking at the photo also i’m already drooling….
    eh u ipoh girl also ahh, no wonder Ash got the genes lar, haha!!

    yes, me ipoh girl ..hehehehe. you too?

  2. hmmm..never see this before..is it the taste like the one we eat yong tau foo, fu pei with fish paste?

    taste a bit like that but this type is pretty crunchy because it has turnips

  3. wah.. fren, which stall,..which .. ?? i see this sar kwok fu pei, i feel like eating…were those bought under the tree in pasir pinji?

    eh fren, i mentioned in my post mah….i bought from the stall in the coffeeshop next to Kong Hing 😀 I don’t go to the one under the tree. Too long queue.

  4. aiyo dis fella eh, always makes me ‘jeles’ oni with her food blog! makes me hungry, salivate n craving! must remind myself shud i be pregnant, dun browse ur blog when it is food time, coz.. nanti tak pasal pasal got cravings! hahhahahhaha.. 😀

  5. I can’t wait to get back to Ipoh, stuff all the hawker food I want, yes this June will be in Ipoh for a short 1 week. have to include Kong Heng. Btw, is that popiah lady still there?

  6. I love to eat it with curry mee. Really yummy when it soaks up all the sinful goodness !!

    actually, KL also can get wat. I know this shop in Glenmarie called Chicken Cuisine which has this.

  7. Ipoh-rians sure know this foo pei. My hubs’ family members are absolutely crazy over this foo pei and each time we go bk to Ipoh, my hubs will buy one big bag of foo pei.

  8. This is my mom’s fav too! However, I don;t quite like it. I like that very crispy bean skin rolls… especially go with a bowl of soup ‘lai fun’!

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