story time with daddy

Overheard this a few days ago.

Ashley :  “Daddy, can you please tell me a story?”

Daddy :  “Huh, a story?”

Ashley : “Yes, please please please please please please.”

Daddy :  “Errr………okay.  Once upon a time, there was  Princess who lived in a castle. One day, she met a Prince………….and they all lived happily ever after.  The End“.

Ashley : “D-A-D-D-YYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!”

19 thoughts on “story time with daddy

  1. Hahaha….

    It’s a brilliant idea indeed. Cut long story short…

    I could forseen this going to happen next time and probably my son would crying running to me and say “Mammmmiiiii, you see dadddyyyyy.!!!!”

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