My Malaysian Spring

I have been reading news about the Malaysian Spring movement lately. It is an idea mooted by the famous landscape architect, Ng Seksan to spread the message of Hope and Change for a better Malaysia.  This movement is a simple gesture of planting ‘ flowers’ (multi-coloured flags) around the neighbourhood.  Ng Seksan began planting ‘flowers’ at a roundabout in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.   His plan is to plant 28 million of flags, or flowers, across 13 states in Malaysia before Polling Day on May 5.  Todate, there has been over 62,000 flowers planted in Malaysia and overseas.  It is very inspirational to see Malaysians coming together to do something for our beloved country. You can check out their facebook page here –

I don’t have any cloth with me so I did my version of the Malaysian Spring using coloured papers and plant them at home.

Instead of flag shapes, I did pinwheels.

Ready to be planted

In the pots

On the planter box outside my house.

Let us all pray for a better Malaysia after May 5th  🙂

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5 Responses to My Malaysian Spring

  1. Annie Q says:

    Wow…very impress and it is very very nice!!!

  2. Hayley says:

    Looking nice, another creative creation!

  3. adrine says:

    Nice! but eh, if hujan then all will be gone?

  4. Very nice to have a malaysian spring at your own home. All the best to malaysia after May 5th.

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