our sunday

Yesterday evening we headed out to the park for some exercise.  Ashley brought her scooter along to ride around the park.  Hubs and I took turns to run as one of us need to stay behind to look after Ashley.  So while hubs went running, Ashley and I followed a group people who were dancing and exercising on the field.  They belonged to a church group I think and they brought along a music player.  It sure sounded like a yamaha mm8.

Ashley dancing away with the group.

After spending time at the park, we went to Hainan Kopitiam in the neighbourhood for dinner.  I ordered my all-time favourite food – curry chicken with toast.  I can never resist whenever I see this on the menu.   It was not very filling and just nice after a good run at the park. So now you know that I like curry chicken huh?  What is your favourite food?

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