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This is something which I would like to share based on my own experience.  Throughout my life, I only take Vitamin C which I bought from the pharmacies.  Even then, I sometimes skip my daily vitamin.  My health hasn’t been very good ever since I had hyperthyroidism about 5 years ago.  I fell sick easily and developed asthma.  Thyroid wrecks havoc on the immune system.  Then, I started running about 2 years ago as I thought the breathing while running would help me to keep the asthma under control.    Eventhough I was fitter after I have started running, I still fell sick occasionally.    I would be down with a nasty cold and cough every few months.    I was frustrated that my health was going downhill.

Earlier this year, I learnt that my friends are taking this amazing supplement called Super Lutein.   It has so much goodness that I become convinced that this is what I need to strengthen my immune system.  I began taking Super Lutein in March.  So what is my personal experience? I can tell you that I feel so energized.  My health has improved tremendously.   Another surprise is that a few day after I started taking Super Lutein, my menstruation came.  I have been experiencing irregular menstruation for over a year and it comes every 40-60 days.  I thought I was experiencing pre-menopause stage and I also blamed it on stress.  Well, right now, my menstruation is back to regular again.  Yay!  I also sleep better at night.

What is Super Lutein?

Super Lutein Vegetable Liquid Capsules
Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies.

It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruit and vegetables that one could never eat in a day. The capsules can be swallowed or chewed and taste like a mixture of fish oil and dark leafy green vegetables.

If the tip of the soft gel cap is snipped off with a scissors, the high potency liquid (vegetable essence) within appears black at first sight but if spread on a white tissue or napkin, will exhibit the colours of the rainbow, essentially the colourful vegetables that we all need in our daily diet. But how many of us are diligent enough to eat all colours of the rainbow and how much can we really eat?


If you want to know more about Super Lutein, do check out their Facebook page here –  You may also post your questions here and I will try my best to answer your queries.

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