Birthday Presents

This is actually a backdated post.  My birthday is in January and I received these lovely gifts from my dearest friends.  I am posting them for memories *smile*


A lovely handbag in my favourite colour, black and from my favourite brand – MNG


2 pretty statement necklaces


A beautiful handmade bracelet

birthday 4

One of them even wrapped these 2 packs of Wonda coffee separately to surprise me because she knows I love Wonda coffee.  It made me laughed so hard!

I am so blessed indeed to have a group of best friends that are so wonderful and rare.  They are always there for me and they are always got my back.

*If you have crazy friends, you have everything*

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2 Responses to Birthday Presents

  1. yan says:

    I agree, friends are like gems, rare and valuable. We don’t need a lot, a few good one are so blessed.

  2. Health Freak says:

    Happy belated birthday Barb! You’re so blessed to have such good friends! 🙂

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