A Lucky Sunday

Yesterday morning we decided to head to the park at around 9am.  It was drizzling earlier and luckily it stopped so that we can get some exercise there.  Once we reached the park, we realized that there was a running event being held, hence there were many people.   We saw some stalls being set up which consists of one selling Brooks running shoes, a refreshment stall, a coffee stall and one with lots of bananas.  The food and drinks stalls were for the participants of the run.

As I haven’t had any coffee yet, I decided to approach the coffee stall and asked if I could buy a cup of coffee.  To my surprise, the lady said you can have a cuppa.  It’s free.  Hurray!


Thank you Boncafe for the good cup of coffee.

IMG_20170226_1Ashley saw the stall with the bananas and she went over and asked for one to give her energy in the morning.

Then as we were running at the other side of the park, we came across these good people from McDonalds.


They were handing out free orange juice for the park-goers.  How lovely is that?  We stopped for a drink after our run.


One of them handed us a stash of discount vouchers for our next visit.  We love McDonald’s Breakfast.  Hurray!

It was indeed our lucky day.  Thank you very much for all the freebies.

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