It Feels Good To Be Pampered

When  I was invited by A Cut Above in Mid Valley Mall to try their Shiseido Colour Treatment recently, I was so excited and jumped at the chance because it is not every day that one gets invitations to give their hair a makeover at a prestigious hair salon.  So, I went to A Cut Above last Saturday afternoon to get my hair coloured.


I was greeted warmly by their Senior Stylist, Mr. Davies Lee.  When he asked me what colours I like, I told him that I wanted a colour that would hide my gray hairs which are sprouting like no tomorrow.  Yes, I am at that stage right now.  He then showed me the colours that are available and what would suit me.


Since I already have some highlights on my hair, he recommended that I chose YBe7 which is brown base and the lighter tone would be the colour of my highlight.  This colour combination suits me better.


IMG_20170222_2 (1)

Here are Davies and Yuki doing the highlight on my hair first.


Another staff (I forgot to get her name), applying the base colour to the root area and all over my hair.


Time to blow dry my hair while waiting for the colour to set in.  The whole treatment process was very fast and it took about 20 minutes. One thing I noticed is that there is no stinging sensation on my scalp at all.  Whenever I go for hair colouring, I can feel my a burning sensation on my scalp during the hair colour application.  It is something that I do not look forward to.  I am surprised that I did not experience this at A Cut Above.

When the time is up, I was ushered into the washing area for a good hair wash.   The shampoo smelled very nice and I was given a good head massage by Yuki.  One of the highlights (pun intended) of this session is the Special Scalp Renew treatment that they gave me.  As soon as the formula was massaged onto my scalp, I felt a refreshing minty sensation.  It was as though 100 tubes of peppermint toothpaste were applied onto my scalp.  It was such an awesome experience.  My head immediately felt so much lighter. I wished the treatment would go on for an hour.   This is such a wonderful treatment that I truly recommend.  So out of this world!  I could still feel the tingly mint sensation when Yuki was blow-drying my hair.

Here is me with the new hair colour.


I love that the brown base shade has covered my gray hair and the highlights are now in ash colour.  According to Davies, it is better that I do not bleach my hair too light as it is not suitable for me.  This look is more natural and the colours are balanced.  I love it!


This is my ‘before’ look.  The highlights on my hair were in light shade and looked dry.

Thank You Very Much A Cut Above, Davies and team for this wonderful experience. I really appreciate it.

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