Mother’s Day Celebration

Did you have a wonderful Mother’s Day?  I got to have an early celebration on Saturday all by myself.   I went to watch the movie “You Mean The World To Me”, a local production by director Saw Teong Hin.  I know hubs won’t enjoy this kind of movies and Ash is not allowed to watch as it is not meant for children under 18.

It was fun to spend some time alone to watch a movie and walked around the mall.


My morning cuppa before the movies.  Not my favourite choice for coffee but Starbucks was the nearest to the cinema.

IMG_20170513_111321_HHTGetting myself comfy before the start of the show

Then on the actual Mother’s Day, we had dinner with the in-laws at a restaurant which we have not been before. The restaurant is 8 Jugra, located along Old Klang Road.


 There were 8 of us and some of the food we ordered are:-


Calamari salad.  This is my favourite dish.IMG_20170514_193503_HDR

Hub’s grilled ribs.  He didn’t quite like it.


Pork chop

IMG_20170514_194502_HDR (1)

Petai Fried Rice

IMG_20170514_194837_HDRGarlic Fried Rice

Overall the food was pretty ok.  The price is a quite steep for some of the dishes. The ambiance is pretty ok , more for adults enjoying a few drinks.  Since hubs and I are on low-carb food, we cannot drink any of the juices or sodas.  We only want coffee as our drinks but they ran out of coffee bean that night so we asked for water instead.  We were told that we need to purchase their Spring Water which cost RM18 a bottle.  Can you believe the price of water?

As we came here to check out the place a night before, we had cappuccinos and when we asked for a glass of water, they gave it to us at not charge.  So we were surprised when the staff told us that they do not serve water to guests and we have to buy it.  When I told them that we were given water the night before, another staff said that was because we ordered coffee, so they gave us ‘some’ water at no charge.  I was quite taken aback.  We made reservations for 8 pax and I was surprised that they would not give us any water.  The staff then told us that I had to order 1 bottle of Spring Water and any further refill will be free of charge.  Okayyyyyyy….so I ordered the Spring Water and then we had water refilled for 3 times after that.  This episode has left me a bit upset.  We planned to order drinks which were coffee but they were not available that night.  The least they can do is to give serve us water at no cost.  Would we visit 8 Jugra again?  Maybe not.

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  1. Health Freak says:

    How nice to watch a movie and go shopping by yourself. I love shopping on my own without having to wait for anyone too. Oh, that bungalow restaurant! Hubs went there once and wanted to bring us there one night some time back but it was closed. Luckily it was closed, else we would have been a few hundred Ringgit poorer, haha!

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