Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

It is pretty tough to find breakfast for low carb eaters, especially when you are eating out.  Usually when I am not in a hurry, I would make my 90 seconds bread and bring them to work with me.   It takes me like 15 minutes or so to make them.


Here is my 90 second bread slathered with lots of Salmon Cream Cheese.  So delicious.

Sometimes I would make hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast.   If I am at a coffeeshop, I would order 2 soft-boiled eggs with my Kopi C kosong (sugar free coffee with milk).


Typical Malaysian breakfast.

On days that I do not want any eggs, I would just have some cheddar cheese with my coffee.  Boring eh?  I am not in my baking mood these days.  When I find my baking mojo, I am going to try my hands on some keto scones or cakes.

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