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Technology makes things easier and less time-consuming for many of us.  It has definitely transformed our lives. In this era of emails and text messages, almost everyone relies on their phones to send birthdays or festive greetings to friends and families.  Gone is the old-fashioned way of writing out a card and mailing it.  Writing letters and sending postcards seem like a tedious job when everything can be done with a few clicks using our fingers.

While we cannot deny how important technology is to our lives as we live in a fast-paced world, we are however losing the art of writing.  I remember the joy of receiving a letter through the post.  It does make me feel warm to know that someone has taken the time to write me a letter.  It is just more personal to receive a letter from someone than to receive text messages.

Using our hands to write may be a thing of the past because people type and thumb away on their computers and smartphones.  However, a group of young, talented and creative people is here to bring back the good old days. The Inkredibles offers a range of quirky stationery to remind the nostalgic joys of print.  They aim to Relieve The Print by bringing the past back to the future.

I am so grateful that the team sent me a range of fun stationery.  Check them out below.


Colourful notebooks and tutorial book which includes some fun craft projects. Can’t wait to get started.


Lovely greeting cardsIMG_20170623_135620_204



Cute stickers

I simply adore the stationery.  I have started writing a journal at the beginning of this year so these gifts sure come in handy for me.

It is time for us to start writing more with pen and paper.  Do you remember when was the last time you wrote someone a postcard?  Hurry and get your hands on some of these fun postcards from The Inkredibles and make someone smile.  Lick a stamp and mail it out!  These stationeries make great gifts too.

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