Let’s Talk About Flatlays

Flatlays are photography styling of a few items in a picture.  If you are on Instagram, most likely you have seen such images on fashion, food, beauty products or just about anything one can think of.  Flatlays are usually taken using a smartphone from top down angle after you have arranged everything lying down.  The flat lay photos are a chic and creative way to display pretty items, food or drinks.  How the photo is taken, the lighting and the styling are important in capturing the perfect photo.

Backdrops With Plant|Victoriasmoon Backdrop

I like taking flatlays of coffee since I love coffee.

I am a lover of flatlays. Correction.  I am obsessed with flatlays.  I follow Flatlay Instagrammers and also go to Pinterest for inspiration.    Currently, I am handling the social media side of a few companies. I use flatlays to promote their business on Facebook and Instagram.   I am not an expert in photography but I am learning the ropes on how to take a good flatlay.  It looks simple but a lot of work goes into making a flatlay.  I am grateful that I have been given a chance to do this by these companies.

Father's Day Backdrop For Photography

Did this for Father’s Day recently.  The items in this photo belong to my hubby.  It shows all the things he love to do like camping, hiking and bbq.

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