St. Anne’s Church, Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

This is a continuation of our trip to Taiping at the end of June.  We visited the Kuala Sangga fishing village in Kuala Sepetang after our Dolphin Watching Tour.  I have never heard of St. Anne and was surprised that there is a St. Anne’s Chapel in this tiny fishing village.

Our guide told us that the residents of Kuala Sangga believe that St. Anne protects them.  History has it that the Teochew community from China settled down in this village about 100 years ago.  Most of the first generation immigrants were Catholics and over time, they moved to the mainland.  The remaining residents believe that St. Anne saved them when the village caught fire about 40 years ago.  Some houses were destroyed but when the fire reached the chapel, it stopped.  A resident claimed that she saw a lady on top of the chapel, putting out the fire.

Another incident happened on 26 December 2004.  When the residents received the news of the tsunami, they set out to the open sea and saw great waves coming towards the fishing village.  Amazingly, the waves changed course upon reaching the river and the village was spared.  They claimed that the face of St. Anne’s statue moved and they were saved from a tsunami.

The village does not have anymore Catholics but the residents want the chapel to remain and willingly maintain the chapel to this day.   St. Anne’s festival is celebrated every August.

Our guide told us that St. Anne always grant the wishes of those who made them when they visit the chapel.    I also made a wish that day *smile*

s-st anne

St. Anne Chapel

st anne

The kids making their wishes.

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