Best Toilet Paper In Malaysia


I have just discovered another brand of toilet paper that is value for money and best of all, the toilet paper is ultra-soft, super absorbent and very gentle on the skin.  You can buy the toilet paper online and delivery is FREE.  Get the toilet paper delivered to your door for free. Click here to read more.

Everyone has a toilet paper brand that they are loyal to.  I have used many different brands such as Cutie Compact, Nice, Kleenex, Scott and Tesco Soft Compact and none have given me the satisfaction until recently.   I have just discovered the best toilet paper brand that you can buy. It is also the most value for money toilet paper in my opinion.  It is strong, thick and gentle on the skin.


It is the KCA toilet paper. A packet of 10 rolls is RM10.90.  Now, why do I say that they are the best?


The bathroom/toilet paper is three-ply and comes embosses with floral design.


Check out how thick one roll is.  When I hold the roll on my hand, I can feel its weight.  This KCA Toilet Paper / Bathroom Tissue is really very value for money.


This is the address of the distributor.


Feels luxurious and yet so affordable. This ‘luxurious’ bathroom tissue is easy to tear off.

If you don’t believe me, do get some and try.  I know at least one hotel is using this toilet paper in all its guest rooms.  The KCA Toilet Paper is available at  99 Speedmart, The Store and also some Chinese medicine hall in some neighbourhood.

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