Maru Kafe By MyNews

I have just recently discovered that MyNews, the convenience retail chain store in Malaysia has started selling brewed coffee.  Awesome Pawsome eh?   Maru Cafe was launched in October 2018 and offers fresh coffee as well as silky soft serve ice cream.  The soft serve ice cream is made with pure Hokkaido milk and is available in 3 flavours – mix, milk and chocolate.


Hubs and I always go to the Sri Petaling outlet because it is new and clean.  We enjoy the freshly brewed coffee and usually, we’ll order the cappuccino.  Hubs said the soft serve ice-cream is delicious.  Below is the price of the different coffee available :-

  • Americano – RM 2.70 (R) and RM 5.50 (L)
  • Latte – RM 3.70 (R) and RM 6.50 (L)
  • Cappuccino – RM 3.70 (R) and RM 6.50 (L)
  • Chocolate  – RM 4.70 (R) and RM 7.50 (L)


Check out your local Mynews outlet and try out the soft serve ice-cream and coffee.


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