How To Do Keto When Travelling

For some people who are following the keto or low carb way of eating, travelling for work or vacation may be a bit stressful because you are away from your kitchen and your normal routine. Well, it should not be that way and with preparation, you can still stick to keto or low carb.

I always try to bake some keto bread, cookies or muffins the day before so that I can have them whenever I am hungry. Sometimes I would pack some cheese or nuts as snacks. Most hotels offer buffet breakfast and I would opt for scrambled, half-boiled or sunny side up eggs with mushrooms or cheese. I find that eggs are very filling.

This was what I had during breakfast at a hotel last weekend. I went back to Ipoh for Ching Ming festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) and stayed in Bedrock Hotel Ipoh. I baked a loaf of keto bread the day before and brought them with me. I kept the bread in the fridge inside my hotel room. The next morning, I just toasted them in the mini oven at the breakfast area and ordered 2 half boiled eggs.

Slatter some butter on the bread and scooped some eggs onto it. Simply delicious! For lunch and dinner, I would go for steamed or roast chicken or roast pork, steamed fish or chicken salad. This is how I maintain my keto / low carb way of eating. Therefore, with a little planning, we can always stick to our way of eating.

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