Decluttering the Marie Kondo Way

Once in a while, when I feel edgy and just looking at my wardrobe or cupboards in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, makes me mad, I would start decluttering.  I do not like looking at the mess especially when things are not organized.  Clothes are not folded properly and kept orderly, too many things piling on top of one another and etc.  Yes, I do have OCD but I have mellowed down over the years.  Still, I do not like to see clutter everywhere. 

Decluttering does not only mean that we are cleaning out the home for more space. It could also mean that we are creating more space for our mind. The act of decluttering is a way of generating fresh energy, creating mental and physical space for more clarity. We can also release some of those negative vibes that we have been holding on.

People often hang on to material belongings for security or comfort. Letting go of this emotional baggage would allow people to enjoy more quality of life. In my case, I usually keep things and not give away or throw them away because I am afraid that I may need them later on. Organizing gives me peace of mind and it makes me feel lighter. Decluttering is important for our mental health and for our soul. I did a round of decluttering Konmari style 2 months ago.

The above is my wardrobe and below is the chair where I pile keep all my bags. I think I need to #KonMari this weekend.

I always ask myself these questions when I am decluttering. “Do I need this? Do I want this? Do I use this?.” Then I would put them in 2 bags, one to giveaway and another to throw.

You can try this if you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. If clearing brings up uncomfortable feeling for you, please understand that you do not need to deal with them alone. You can also reach out for help. Talk to family, friends, or Do remember that you are never alone.

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