KonMari Method of Tidying Up My House

Almost everyone is following Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant and author of 4 books, way of tidying their spaces.  She has been helping people around the world on how to declutter their homes into spaces of serenity. The KonMari Method way of tidying is by going from room to room and keeping things that only spark joy.  Firstly, start with clothes, then books, papers,  miscellaneous items and lastly sentimental items.  She encourages that we only keep things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.  We have to thank them for their service and then let them go.

I started KonMari-ing just before Chinese New Year.  I actually love re-organizing my things but my family gets really scared when I start doing it because they know that I would be ‘throwing’ things away, their things too, to be precise *chuckle*.

It is always a constant battle on what I should give away/donate/throw.  The “What-ifs” is always playing in my mind.  “What if I still need it later?”  This is actually a rather scary thought which resulted in the accumulation of things that I do not actually need.

So I started with the kitchen drawers first and threw away many plastic containers that I have been keeping for years.  Can’t imagine the things I have been collecting all these while.  Gosh!  It feels great to see my drawers looking kinda empty.


Some of the things from the kitchen that I gave away.  Didn’t take photos of the rest of the stuff in that area.


Next is my bedroom. I have this big black garbage bag in the room for months.  Whenever I see clothes that do not spark any joy anymore, I would put them in this bag to be given away.  I usually pass them to the Salvation Army which is near my house.


Last night I took out 2 boxes of accessories and #KonMari them.

I really cannot believe how much I have spent shopping for clothes and accessories.  By organizing and tidying my things,  I am more mindful about what I should or should not buy in the future. Will be doing more #Konmari-ing from now on.  It’s great to reduce and declutter.

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