I Bought Mango Message T-Shirts For A Song

There is a stall at the market in my neighbourhood which sells Esprit and Mango (MNG) T-shirts that are priced at RM8 each.  These T-shirts are authentic and the reason why they are so cheap is because the sellers got them in a bulk from the factory which produces these brands.  The clothes are probably overruns.  This morning I bought 2 for missy.

I have seen them in the MNG shop at the mall recently and they were selling for RM26-RM35 each.  Now, I can get them at only RM8.  It feels good to be able to buy them at a fraction of the price.

Below are some of the MNG T-shirts selling at the stall.

I bought this last month.

Saw this today but I didn’t buy it.

I bought this last month too.

Actually, I have bought quite a number of MNG & Esprit T-shirts from this stall since they started selling a year ago.  I buy the oversize T-shirts to wear at home and some when I go out.   The quality of the cotton is very good as they are thin.  This makes it very comfortable to wear at home especially since our weather is so warm.

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