Wonda Zero Max Coffee

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I am a big fan of Wonda Coffee. Ever since I went on keto and now easing into a low carb lifestyle, I have not had any Wonda coffee. I think Wonda coffee must have heard me ranting about not having sugar-free coffee in a can.  I was delighted to find these Wonda Zero Max coffee in a can at 7-11.    Although it is not advisable to drink too much of this coffee eventhough there is no sugar, I am glad that I get to enjoy some cold latte in the can once in a while.

This is the original flavor which is a bit strong.

This is the latte flavor which is my favorite.

The Wonda Coffee in a can cost RM2.80 each and is only available from 7-11.  Try it if you haven’t.

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