Snacks From My Childhood

Recently when we were in 1U, I chanced upon a stall selling many snacks and items that I used to have when I was growing up in the 70’s / 80’s.  Yes, those were the dinosaur years.   It was fun checking out every item because they brought back memories.

The pacifier sweets.  It was fun trying to suck the sweet and pretended to be a baby.

One of my favourite lemon candies which I gobbled a lot.

Sarsi lollies which I didn’t quite like.  I did not drink any sodas when I was growing up because I did not like the fizzy and gas taste.  Well, did I tell you that I only started drinking coke when I was in my 20’s?  Still not drinking a lot, perhaps a sip here and there.

Ahh…the pastilles. I think these are for sore throat but I popped them into my mouth whenever my mom bought them for us.

The fruits candies or bonbons. I loved them very much, especially the white-coated powder on the candies.  It was fun having the assorted ones as I got to choose different flavours.

These are the sticky goey satay fish which I ate a lot, especially in school as they were sold at the canteen.   I don’t think I enjoy them now.

Do all these bring back memories of your childhood?  What were your favourite snacks growing up?

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