Pasar Karat Petaling Street

We wanted to walk around Petaling Street (Chinatown) and check out some retro-inspired hipster cafes along Jalan Sultan on Saturday but we stumbled upon the Pasar Karat in one of the alleys.   Pasar Karat is like a flea market for vintage items.  Back in the 80’s,  it was known as the “Thieves Market” because most of the things for sale there look like they were stolen.  As a matter of fact, most of the items still look like they were indeed stolen.

There were rows of ‘stalls’ selling old phones, old handphones, clothing, accessories, shoes and some old coins and currencies.   Hubs likes to explore and look at the things while I was trying to capture a few photos of the traders and the wall murals.

According to the information I read online, the stalls begin from 5 am until 10 am.  Some of the old-timers have been selling there for over 20 years.

This place is kinda dodgy-looking and missy was rather uncomfortable.  So, we did not spend much time here and head elsewhere.  In the end, we did not visit any of those cafes in restored heritage buildings as the sky was opening up.  We went to look for the famous Madras Lane Chee Cheong Fun after this.  Do stay tuned.

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