Puku Cafe Cameron Highlands

If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy place in Cameron Highlands, then you must check out Puku Cafe which is located in Kea Farm, Brinchang.   You can spot this cafe right at the entrance to Kea Farm (on the left).  Puku Cafe is known for its homemade fruit ice-cream, especially strawberry (what else eh?) ice-cream.  Other flavours include tiramisu, vanilla, chocolate, green tea and passion fruit.  My family enjoyed the smooth milky ice-cream very much.

How quaint is this?

Check out the yummylicious authentic homemade ice-cream.

(Photo taken from Puku Cafe facebook page)

(Photo taken from Puku Cafe facebook page)

As I did not have any ice-cream, I got myself a cup of latte.   So so good coffee made from real coffee beans.  Definitely a must-stopover when you are doing your marketing at Kea Farm.

Less than 500 meters away is The Sheep Sanctuary.  You can click on the link to read more.  There is another Puku Cafe here, which overlooks the sheep sanctuary.  After you are done feeding the sheep, you can sit down and relax while enjoying some tea or coffee.  It is cooling and breezy here.

Hours:  9am to 6pm

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