The Sheep Sanctuary Cameron Highlands

We made a short trip to Cameron Highlands last week and visited the latest attraction in Cameron Highlands.  Now we do not have to fly out of the country to see the baa baa white sheep because we can do that in Cameron Highlands at The Sheep Sanctuary.  It is located at the Kea Farm in Brinchang. You cannot miss the big signboard which is next to the Kea Farm market.   Brace yourself before you visit The Sheep Sanctuary because the merino sheep are too adorable.  You may find yourself wanting to bring one home.

This is how the sanctuary looks like.  Once you have bought the tickets, just walk in and take the stairs down.  It’s a beautiful place with nice scenery.  (Photo taken from The Sheep Sanctuary Facebook page)

Look at these faces!  Some of the sheep are in the enclosures because they are too heavy to run around with the visitors.  These sheep are waiting to be sheared.  The owner has hired a shearer from New Zealand to shear the sheep.

This cute fella went up the stairs and followed us.  I wanted to cuddle it but its fleece was kinda wet that morning.  As you can see, the merino sheep have very thick fleece.

Missy and her cousin, Sophie were busy feeding the sheep, one pellet at a time.  Can you imagine how long it took them to finish a packet of pellets?

We really had a great time here.  The weather was cooling and it was not crowded.  Best to go there in the morning.

There is also a cafe overlooking the sanctuary for visitors to sit down and sip some tea or coffee.  I love Puku Cafe as they have very good coffee.  Do stay tuned on my next post on Puku Cafe.

Tickets for the Sheep Sanctuary is RM5 per adult and RM2 per child.  Visitors can feed the sheep with the food pellets which is sold at RM3 a packet.

The Sheep Sanctuary opens at 9.30am.  A must-visit if you are in Cameron Highlands.

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