Keto Gift Basket Ideas

The holiday season is upon us.  Do you have a keto or low carb person on your gifting list and you are not sure what to get them?  You can make a custom gift basket or gift box if you do not want to just get one specific gift.  Do scroll down to get the best low carb or keto gift ideas for a keto gift box or basket.

Zerro – Erythritol ( ZERO CALORIE SUGAR) which is a sugar substitute that looks and tastes like sugar, yet has almost no calories. Erythritol has been approved for use as a food additive in the United States and in many other countries.   I have used them for my baking and they are amazing.

MCT Oil which stands for medium-chain triglycerides.  It is a form of saturated fatty acid that is found in certain foods like coconut/coconut oil. MCT oil is a concentrated source of these fats since it provides more than would be found in whole foods like coconuts.  I think that a good quality coconut oil would be one of the first things I would add to your low carb or keto gift baskets.

Caroma Tik Tik Low Carb Coffee which is a Malaysian slow brew coffee in a teabag.  This conveniently packed coffee is made from 100% Arabica ground coffee bean.  Caroma Tik Tik Low Carb Coffee is available in 3 flavours.  I think they would make a fantastic addition to your basket!

Chocolates are popular gifts and one of my favorite treats is  Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao Dark Chocolate.  It is delicious, smooth and silky.   Lindt chocolates are available at Tesco and Jaya Grocer.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains beneficial nutrients and minerals that are good for our health.  It is an ideal substitute for your normal table salt.  You can find them in the supermarket like Tesco or Jaya Grocer.  Watsons also carry them.

A low carb or keto gift basket is a great way to go and they are pretty easy to put together.  Any of these single items would make a great gift or keto stocking stuffer for that low carber or ketoer on your gift list!  Whether it is your coworker’s birthday, your anniversary or Mothers’ Day,  if the recipient follows a low-carb lifestyle, then I have got you covered with keto-friendly gifts for every occasion.

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