One Week

It has been a week since Buffy left us.  We miss her so much. Not a day passes by without us thinking about her.  I get teary-eyed each time I think of Buffy, wondering how she is doing now, regretting that I did not spend more time with her, wishing that we have done more for her, especially during her last moment.

On Sunday, while I was standing at the gate, an insect flew past me and landed on the railing of the gate, right in front of me.  I wonder if that is Buffy coming home for a visit?

Cooper has been feeling sad and lonely because his closest friend is no longer around.  On the day that Buffy was at the vet, he howled many times at night.  The next day when Buffy passed away, he howled again.  When I went downstairs to check on him in the middle of the night, I saw him pacing up and down the gate looking out while howling.  Did he see Buffy?

We have been paying lots of attention to Cooper and let him spend time inside the house.  I hope Buffy is healthy, happy and having a fun time in heaven.

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