Online Exams During Movement Control Order

Missy’s school has been giving online lessons daily, from 8.30am to 4.30pm.  Besides the usual classes, she also has online singing class, PE, Aikido and Netball.  Yes, even sport activities are carried out online.  She attend the online classes in her bedroom.  I can hear the ball being dribbled from her room on the day that she has netball practice.  I must commend the school for carrying out all these online.  It is good to keep the children busy and active.

So the school has scheduled a mid-term exam last week, starting from Tuesday until today.  This is a first for her and definitely for me too.  She brought the laptop downstairs and it has a better internet connection.  All the students have to turn on the camera, use a headphone and log in to to do the exam.

She told me that she prefers to do the exam in her school.  Can’t blame her actually.  The government has announced that the Form One to Four students, Year Five and Six pupils, Remove class students and Form Six Semester 1 students will return to school on 15 July 2020.  Missy is happy to hear this and can’t wait.  Although we have not received any letters from the school yet, I am sure missy’s school will be following the schedule.

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