Day Trip To Genting Premium Outlet

Last week was a one-week school break for missy.  We wanted to go for a one-day road trip to Melaka but it was extremely hot in the afternoon for the past week so we decided to head over to the mountain to cool off.   I love the cool air in Genting Highlands, especially when I am sitting outdoor at the cafe, sipping my coffee.  Since missy needs a pair of school shoes, we went to the Genting Premium Outlets to check out the sports shops.

We went to Nike, Sneakers, Adidas and Under Amour but alas we couldn’t find any that fits missy.  Nike has a pretty good offer for sports attire (20% off for 1 piece and 30% off for 2 pieces).  However, Nike shoes do not fit missy because they are narrow.  As she has wide feet, she needs wider shoes.  Luckily we managed to find her shoes at Royal Sporting House.  Reebok was having a promo – RM199 for 2 pairs of shoes.  What a great deal eh?

Missy tried on the black shoes and she liked it immediately because it was comfortable. Since we got to get another pair, I spotted the Reebok classic sneakers.  I had a pair of these classic shoes when I was 17 and it was my first ever pair of sneakers.  I pestered my dad to buy me one and he shopped for it in KL and at that time, I was still staying in Ipoh.  I still remember how excited and proud I was to be wearing one of the most fashionable sneakers back then. I even pestered him to buy me a pair of Reebok socks to match my Reebok sneaker.

You know you are getting old when things from your childhood or teenage years are starting to make a comeback. Classic Reeboks are definitely one of those things that are back. I love my Reebok!  Can’t wait to wear them.

It started to rain at around 1pm when we were in Genting Premium Outlet.  So, we sat down at my favourite cafe – Juan Valdez for a cuppa.  It was so cooling and misty. A perfect day for a short break. We left at around 2.30pm after the rain had stopped.  We witnessed a car in front of us spinning while we were going downhill.  Luckily no one was hurt.

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