Succulents As Housewarming Gift

I love succulents and I cannot lie.  There is just something about these itty bitty plants that make me happy. Succulents have been trending for a while now and many people have them in their homes as decor and some even give them out as wedding door gifts.  I love the different shapes and colors of the succulent plants.

Recently, hubs’ cousin moved into their new home and I decided to gift them some succulents which I planted/decorated myself.  I got a nice lil ceramic pot from a shop in Seri Kembangan. I chose this particular pot because it has blue oriental designs which I know that this family would like.

I bought the succulents separately at another place and put them together in the pot.  I added some white pebbles to cover the soil.

I find them very calming to look at. Succulents are known for their lack of need for water all the time and are made to last in tough environments where water does not come by often. However, they do not grow very well under my care.  I put them on the porch but away from the direct sun and only water them twice a week.  I wonder if it is because of the types of planters I use?   I have stopped buying succulents about a year ago when the ones I have wittered away.  Perhaps I should start to buy them again and decorate my house.

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