My Clingy Husky

Yes, this one.  He is our cheeky and clingy dog. We usually let him into the house after his dinner at 7.00 pm so he would hang out in the living room until we go to bed at around 9.30 pm.  Sometimes he would watch tv for a while and most of the time, he will be napping if missy did not disturb him.

On Tuesday, he was let out an hour earlier than usual and hubs did not play with him much.  15 minutes later, we heard howling so I went downstairs to check on him.  He quickly came over and whined so I patted and scratched him for about 10 mins.  Then I closed the door and went to bed.  Less than 10 minutes later, Cooper howled again.  I asked hubs to go down and see him this time and so he did.  After spending about 15 mins with him, hubs went back to bed.  Cooper did not howl anymore.

The same thing happened last night.  We let him out of the house earlier than usual and he howled again.  Despite me patting him and talking to him, he still howled after I closed the door. So again I asked hubs to check on him.  He patted Cooper till he fell asleep in 10 minutes.  We come to the conclusion that Cooper wants hubs to pay more attention to him like talking to him and pat him more especially at night.  He is still like a little boy who wants attention.

Siberian huskies are notorious for craving the attention of their owners.  Cooper wants to play, be petted and cuddled even though hubs bring him for a walk every evening.  According to some information I read online, huskies do not like to be alone and can develop anxiety issues compared to other breeds.  We did not know all these before we adopted him.  It is definitely a learning process for all of us.


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