Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake

Tealive has launched its first Bubble Tea Mooncake.  Yes, you heard right – Mooncake with boba filling because bubble tea is trending so why not?  Since missy is a big fan of bubble tea, of course, she wants to try them.  We were in Bangsar Village a few days ago and bought a box of Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake from its kiosk.  It cost RM25 for a box of 2.  They are smaller in size compared to regular mooncakes.  Yes, it is pricey if you asked me.

Brown sugar boba tea mooncake

A close-up of the filling

I think the mooncake is lotus paste with brown sugar lava in the center. I could be wrong about the paste.  It also has chewy pearls, maybe 4 of them?  Missy said the mooncakes are delicious and they better be. Would you buy these Bubble Tea Mooncake?

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