The Best Shampoo You Can Buy For Oily Hair

My hair is thin and oily.  If I wash my hair in the morning, my hair would start to get limpy by 7pm because of the oil.  That’s how oily it can get.  I do not like washing my hair daily because it loses its shape quickly.   My sister told me about Kerasys Deep Cleansing  Shampoo which is for people with oily scalp and it is also anti-dandruff.  I must say that this shampoo is just right for me.  It controls the oil on my scalp and my hair won’t get oily so fast.

I love Kerasys Deep Cleaning Shampoo and it is the only one that I am using since 3 years ago.  I usually buy it from Watsons and I am not sure where else you can buy them.  So if you have oily scalp and have been searching for the right shampoo to control the oil, give Kerasys Deep Cleaning Shampoo a try.


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