The Best Therapy For Me

Besides surrounded by nature, the next thing that helps me cope with stress is shopping.  Nothing feels as good as retail therapy.  According to studies, shopping can help people live a healthier life as it reduces blood pressure.  Many people consider shopping to be the best remedy for mental stress relief.  Who doesn’t like shopping eh?

My mood becomes better after some shopping and with the current pandemic, I don’t go to the shopping malls anymore.  I hardly shop online too so just where do I have my retail therapy?  Well there is a stall at the market in my neighbourhood that sells stock overrun from factories in Bangladesh.  This stall owner brings in huge cartons of clothes from factories that produce clothing for brand names like H&M, Monki, Next, Zara, American Eagle and Mango.  These clothes are 100% original and brand new.

I have been buying clothes from this stall since last year.  Best of all, these clothes are so affordable.  I even became personal shoppers for my friends. Good deals must be shared right?  Check out what I have been buying for missy below.

High rise distressed denim from H&M (RM25)

H&M T-shirts for RM8 each

Corduroy skirt jumpsuit from American Eagle (RM28)

T-shirts from H&M, Cheap Monday and Zara (RM8) each

More T-shirts from Cotton On, Monki and Zara

T-shirts from Forever 21 and H&M

Another pair of denim (RM25)

The above are just some of the clothes that I have bought for missy.  There are a lot more *chuckle*.  I cannot resist buying for her because they are so cheap. Missy has already told me to stop buying but I just can’t help it.  Usually I would buy without her knowing and after washing and ironing them, I would sneak into her room and put them in the closet.  Her school allows students to wear casual clothes every Tuesday and Thursday so when  she opens her closet  to pick out an outfit, she will see the new clothes. Once in a while she will ask me if this jeans or tee is new and why she hasn’t seen it before *chuckle*  Sometimes I would tell her that I have bought them a while back but she wasn’t aware.  A little white lie is ok.   She definitely did not inherit my shopping genes.  She is just not into shopping eventhough she is already a teen.  Talking about genes, it would be fun to find out more about us by getting a dna test Malaysia.

The clothes are really irresistible and I would buy for my sister, my friends and their kids and of course for myself.  Next I will take photos of the sweaters and hoodies which I bought.  These hoodies were selling at RM80 / RM100 at H&M but I only paid RM28 for them. What a steal!  Where can you find quality and branded clothes at such affordable prices?

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