Facebook Avatar Is So Much Fun

Not too long ago, September 15th to be exact, Facebook finally rolled out the Avatar app for its users in this part of the world.  I know that Facebook users in North America were already creating their avatars back in May 2020.   I was so happy to see it finally arriving at our shore.  

This was what I created :-

I think this is my style – red lipstick, black top and gold chunky necklace.  Wish there is another pair of pants that I can choose and also a different pair of shoes because these 2 are not what I would wear *chuckle*.

Then I decided to give my hair a makeover last Saturday and I remember that I have to change my Facebook Avatar too so here is my new look.  

This is almost 90% similar to how I look like.  My friends commented that I do look exactly like my avatar *chuckle*  It is just too much fun.  Have you tried out this app?

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