Colourful Disposable Face Masks That Are Manufactured In Malaysia

I just found out that there are some locally produced face masks in the market and decided to check them out.  This company is called Simply K and their disposable face masks are available for sale on Shopee.

I like the colourful range of face masks that they are selling and I bought a box of purple face masks.   Although I still have a few boxes of masks at home, I still ordered this because I want something to brighten up my day.

Simply K has a range of head loop and ear loop masks for adults and children.  Tie-on masks are also available.  They are a fabric material supplier and in order to contribute to the fight against the epidemic situation, Simply K has decided to produce quality face masks and gloves at affordable prices.   You can read more about Simply K here.

I placed the order on Wednesday and I received my masks today.

My first purple face masks.

If you are interested in ordering some colorful face masks, head over to Shopee and search for Simply K face masks.  You will find many sellers offering them.  Search for one that offers the best price.

*Sometimes all we need is a splash of colours*

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