Gifts That Brighten Up Our Days

A few days ago, DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd, the sole distributor of Natural Life products couriered a couple of items to me.  I was so happy to receive the beautiful and uplifting items.  Scroll down to see what I received:-

A lavender bandeau which missy loves to bits as she is into bandeau right now.

Check out the wordings on the accompanying instruction for the bandeau.

*Kindness Really Does Matter*     *Always Be Yourself*   *Do What You Love*          *Make the World A Better Place*

 A beautiful water bottle with a boho-chic design

Isn’t this cute?  If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love succulents.  This magical unicorn succulent planter is so pretty and it is now sitting on my office desk.

I am so happy to receive these lovely items and they really cheered me up.  Natural Life is a lifestyle products from the US and their range includes kitchen, home, stationaries, accessories and many unique items.  I love how happy and colourful their products are.  Best of all, their products carry very inspiring and heartwarming messages.  Natural Life’s tagline is ‘Live Happy‘ and its products come with inspiring and positive messages such as “Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Ever“, “You Are All Kinds Of Amazing“, “Kindness Matters“, so you can tell just how passionate this brand is about making the world a better place.  This beautiful range is now available in Malaysia, thanks to DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

The current pandemic has completely changed our lives.  We have seen borders being closed and many businesses have shut which resulted in massive job losses. In Malaysia,  the Covid-19 cases have risen to three and four digits a day in the past one week.  Many of us are confined in our homes in order to curb movement and social contact to contain the virus.  It is an overwhelming time for everyone and a little kindness or word of encouragement goes a long way. At a time like this,  all of us need some cheering up and Natural Life’s products can definitely do just that.

If you have a birthday coming up or a list of people on your gifting list this Christmas, it is time to check out Natural Life’s products which will definitely make your family and friends beam with happiness. If you miss hanging out with your friends, you can also send them a little gift to let them know that you are thinking about them.

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Thank you DCR Marketing for sending me these gorgeous gifts.

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